Pancasila As Integration Philosophy of Education And National Character



Abstract:- The influence of the ideology of neo-liberalism with a set of values such as individualism, materialism, secularism, hedonism, rationalism, materialism, the high of consumerism culture and the effect of market culture with the values of capitalism has hit the Indonesian national identity with a democratic political life, so that we as a nation of Indonesia almost forgotten the values of its own local culture and religion which we believe. In effect, values and local wisdom did not give color Indonesia education. However, more influenced by western values compared with the European community and the United States though. The author tries to present “Integrity Of Pancasila Philosophy As Character Education Nation Indonesia” which is expected to provide the best solutions for education in Indonesia is more colored by the values of the partial, not integrated, which will be presented by some of the experts of education in Indonesia. Full Text :